Blacksheep and Energy Drinks.

Last weekend, while still basking in the glory of success after the Thre3 Style Show, Shub joined Bear Witness for a night out in the beautiful rolling hills of Wakefield at The Blacksheep. The Blacksheep is an amazing venue, overlooking the Gatineau River and featuring walls of art work by famed local graff artist Berzerker, it is a hidden gem just on the outskirts of town. There’s something I have noticed about the people from the Gatineau Hills that come out to see live music, and that is that they are always dancing. I can guarantee you that a high percentage of the crowd that you see getting down at festivals in the Summer are from the Hills and they definitely did not disappoint on Saturday, ATCR was welcomed with open arms, it was pretty nice just being in a small intimate space like that. Here are a few flicks of the night plus some from the other night at Ritual when Shub conquered.

ghostly or just a super low quality camera?

It is tough to make out but I realized through the night there was a big portrait of William Commanda overlooking the stage and dance floor, pretty cool.


Shout out to Fall Down Gallery.

taking the stage, look at that smile.

applause, applause the crowd goes wild.

Pretty good time all around…let’s see how this weekend compares. Thanks to Paul Symes for having us and to everyone that came out to see us this week!