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Our debut album has finally dropped, and for free at that. We want to say thank-you ahead of time for bugging us a whole lot to get one of these things out for your listening pleasure…here is our full length album, enjoy it, share it, blast it so your neighbours get stoked on it too… Read more »


I bet you anything that if you have been to a west jet or air Canada terminal in the past few days the boarding line would not look unlike the line up for an Indian taco during lunch break at a pow wow. That, my friends, is because big things are happening in the city of Vancouver this… Read more »

That’s Fish Fillet

So, my abdominal muscles are honestly still sore from the workout they got from laughing a week ago when the 1491’s crashed Babylon with us and good friend Poirier from Montreal. I mean, when the facebook attendee list reaches over three hundred you can only hope that each of those people invited one person who isn’t… Read more »

Spreading Like…8th Fire?

Oh wow, wow. Wab love us. CBC has just done big things and finished airing a four part mini series featuring the voices and issues of our people in Canada and let me just say this is probably one of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s most ground breaking specials since Heartland. Wab did an excellent job… Read more »