Spreading Like…8th Fire?

Oh wow, wow. Wab love us.

CBC has just done big things and finished airing a four part mini series featuring the voices and issues of our people in Canada and let me just say this is probably one of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s most ground breaking specials since Heartland. Wab did an excellent job hosting this program, something people will be talking about for a long time and while we have always been supporters of Wab and his projects he showed the love by repping an EPW tee while hosting. Honestly, everyone likes tshirts so as long as you’re wearing one it might as well acknowledge something you support and want everyone to know about riiiight?
Well, get in the game quick because our tshirts are now available on our online store for only $25 dollars or $26 dollars and we will throw in a free download for our Northern Cree Red Skin Girl Remix. We now have a permanent link that will take you to our online store and you can also click the link below to be taken there.
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The following clip has been all over facebook and youtube and it sums up a lot of issues in just a matter of minutes. Wab tells it like it is and the sooner you can share this with people you know the sooner people will be motivated to educate themselves on the real issues taking place in Canada that effect our people.