so tomorrow night is electric pow wow at babylon night club and i’m hoping y’all have your best outfits chosen and your sunday booked off of work, summer is in the air and everyone is feelin it and ready for a good time which i will guarantee tomorrow night will be. if you aren’t stoked enough, we have a little announcement that is sure to get your creative juices flowing. we are creating some new swag and we want to see your design ideas so until the end of this month we will be accepting submissions to have your art on our stickers and stuff, there’s not really any guidelines accept that we want to look sweet and it has to rep us well so come out tomorrow night, let the electric pow wow experience inspire you, go home and draw something and than send it to us at INFO.ATRIBECALLEDRED@GMAIL.COM

yah if you win this contest it will probably get you as stoked as Ian is in this picture.
so it has been decided then, we will see you tomorrow night at babylon nightclub, doors at 11:00pm $5 cover and our man john paille will be there taking your picture so practice that pose in the mirror today and let’s get those submissions in. good luck.